Insest Yuck!

Iboothby (iboothby@Direct.CA)
16 May 1995 08:49:47 GMT

I'm reading the articles on insest taboos and I am failing to see the
connection between insest and psychic powers ( Unless psychic powers
happen to be a ressive gene that can be better preserved throough the
power of insest.) As far as I know there have been a lot of taboo's in
reguards to insest in most cultures, except in the royal or privlaged
classes. Any one who has studied history knows this leads to a lot
of insanity and genetic weakness like hemophilia. I suppose there may be
some good to inbreeding if you want to breed horses or dogs. But since
humans aren't horses or dogs it would probably be a bad idea. Anyone
who's owned a pure breed dog knows they're rife with problems. Besides
it's just gross. Any one who has thought about doing it with their sibling
needs some psychological help.