Re: Has Technology Altered The Balance of Power In The Workplace?

Gordon Fitch (
16 May 1995 12:04:03 -0400

iguana@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Martin C Kaminer):
| I am soliciting stories, observations and theories that will be incorporated
| into an upcoming interactive interactive installation to be exhibited at a
| gallery in New York this summer. The piece is the latest in a series that
| examines issues of technology, power and gender in office environments. It
| will include a voice mail system that incorporates stories about people's
| experiences garnered from interviews as well as from cultural theorists.
| The material collected will also be made available via the WWW. I would
| be very grateful if anyone with experiences, anecdotes or opinions in
| the following areas would see fit to contribute them....

I notice that you don't mention sabotage and subversion,
which will become increasingly important diversions for the
employed and semi-employed as production systems become more

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