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Mon, 15 May 1995 08:06:57 GMT

In article <3osuen$>, Phil Nicholls ( writes:
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>Gil Hardwick <> wrote:
>>I hope you are going to submit your account for research assistance,
>>Phillip. Stimulating the interest of undergraduates in your profession
>>is one thing.
>Hmmm. That is actually not such a bad idea.
>>Doing their homework for them is quite another thing altogether.
>Actually having taught this fairly recently it was not that much
>trouble: just dug into my lecture notes.

I do trust you dug up the rest of the research while I was away over
the weekend, did you? I did . . .

>Because capitalism rarely appreciates knowledge for knowledge sake
>and because those who control the flow of money view computer
>programers as more useful than anthropologists.

Oh yes, I've heard this one before. Quite recently in fact. It goes
quite a long way toward explaining the mentality of the cloistered
academics and bureaucrats who obtain such vast sums in government
grants to buy up big on computers, and then plagiarise our knowledge
to program into them.

Us fieldies of course not being sufficiently fit and proper persons
to qualify for even the most unassuming stipend. I guess not being
among the Party Faithful, and all that . . .

>Also many of those computer programmers, having sucked dry the
>system that educated them, are now voting in conservative governments
>under the promise to lower taxes and thus allow them to keep more
>of their fat salary to spend on cars, expensive home electronics
>and other yuppie toys.

Oh dear, I hadn't thought you had it so bad Phillip. You of all people
here by all accounts being so stable and balanced in your outlook.

Goodness me, I hadn't thought that my factual reports would have made
such inroads into your second-hand theorising drivel quite yet.

>What, me bitter?

Gregg is carrying out a survey on Usenet bitterness right at this very
moment, I understand. Perhaps you'd like to cry on his shoulder.