Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 15 May 1995 04:08:23 GMT

In article <3oueiv$>, Al Fargnoli ( writes:
>It has been extremely frustrating to read people's rantings,
>especially when they don't seem to know what they're talking
>about. Is that what this newsgroup is for?

This newsgroup is sci.anthropology, and is set aside for the use of
anthropologists whether they decide they want to rant or not. It is
NOT for the use of computer programmers, especially those who just
want to sit there and whinge, or to attempt surreptitiously to have
said anthropologists ejected from their own conference.

>Al Fargnoli
>Who should, sometimes, sit on his hands until he calms down!

Good idea! Why don't you do just that, old son?