Re: Harris

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 15 May 1995 03:49:21 GMT

In article <3ovv7s$>, Bruce D. Scott ( writes:
>The denigration is from his own post, of course. Note the deletion sans
>ellipsis above (and that my use of "status quo" was merely preemptive, and
>then note the response). With someone so transparently dishonest, I will
>have no further traffic, except only to note that his allegations of my
>having said things against the whole anthropology (and further acting as if
>I actually had; cf the talk of questions and money) should be seen in the
>same light as the performance above.

You will have no further traffic here, Bruce? Good!

So nice to see how quickly you have ONCE AGAIN resorted to the usual
pathetic nit-picking over my alleged intellectual "dishonesty" we have
come to expect from you EVERY TIME you are challenged to present your
facts, or simply shut up.

Each time it gets easier, doesn't it. Instead of those prolonged and
agonising flame wars here amongst us anthropologists you had enjoyed
igniting in the past, we have begun to target your soft under-belly
very early in your campaign and so get rid of you much more quickly and
cleanly than we had managed before.

Now next time you want to jump in here, Dr Scott, wanting to attack
anthropologists for their failure to please your own narrow-minded
and Politically Correct good self, you are going to get a good serve
of the same thing.

Remember though, that if on the other hand you ever decide that you
are going to actually do some homework, to get a grip on the limited
applicability of your materialist ideology to the broad discourse of
anthropology, and actually take time out to have a good look at the
real world out there, why, as usual, please feel very welcome indeed

Don't make the mistake of thinking that I mean you should look out
your office window at Max Planck, Bruce. Nor do I mean to sit there at
your computer terminal consulting the Usenet soc.culture.natives on
their attitude to whitey. No, I mean for you actually to leave your
own society altogether and spend a substantial part of your life among
other people who are very different from you indeed.

Then perhaps you will begin to get out of your pathetic "just people"
drivel and start to appreciate the full extent of human differences;
to begin to understand what we mean when we refer to The Other.

Then perhaps you will have something to say here worth our while taking
into consideration.


Salutations and best wishes to your future career at Max Planck to
you too, Bruce old chaps! If for no other reason that in my absence
over the weekend we had managed finally to attract some good healthy
discussion here on this conference.