Re: If god exists, what created god?

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>>>There are 2 modes of thought. Scientific and Religious. Science delivers
>>>fact. Religion delivers opinion. All fact is opinion. Therefore science
>>>and religion are one and the same.

>In a sense you are correct. In essence science and religion are pointed
>toward the same end : explaining the universe. What is it, how does it
>work, who if anyone is running it, etc.

>The primary difference is that religion's focus is on providing answers
>and satisfying the questioner, and science's focus is on the truth.

>The way I see it, the way religion developed is something like this :
>human A thinks of a question. A doesn't think of his or herself as
>smart, but B is pretty smart. A asks B. B has no idea but makes something
>up that sounds reasonable. A beleives it, because it does sound
>reasonable and B is so smart. B really enjoys this. He gets believed!!!
>Coool! In fact, he likes this so much that he believes it himself. He
>thinks he is figuring out reality when he makes up good answers. After
>all, if he beleive it, and they beleive it, it must be true, right? He
>starts calling this process 'divine inspiration'. If he is good at it,
>charismatic and intelligent enough, he can start a religion this way.

>For an illustration, I will call upon that font of wisdom, The Lion King.
>In this film, there is a discussion of what stars are. Timon says
>they're fireflies, trapped up in 'that big bluish-black thing', an
>answer he obviously made up on the spot. This, after Poomba says "Ever
>wonder what those twinkly lights up there are" or something like that,
>and Timon saying "I Don't think poomba... I know. " Which I think is a
>very accurate description of the religious process : knowing without
>thinking. Poomba, to add to the irony, supllies the correect answer, and
>is dismissed out of hand because he's not a 'smart person'. If Timon and
>Poomba were in the position to be soceity starters, or charismatic enough
>to be leaders, their 'firefly' view could become dogma.

>Now it might be said that science is just another version of this. But
>there is a very important difference. The difference is, anyone can
>verify something scientific. We have the scientific method for that, No
>authority is required.

>Well, I could say tons more but I gotyta go... more later! :)

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