Re: Incest taboos

Bryant (
14 May 1995 14:37:55 -0600

David of Bedlam wrote:
>Bryant ( said:
>: In article <>,
>: Gil Hardwick <> wrote:
>: >
>: >On the other hand, we have documentary evidence of people having died
>: >as a result of having, say, a bone pointed at them. Documented by the
>: >medical fraternity, I must add.
>: I'm not sure you're serious, but I have to ask for references on this one.
>You can't figure this out on your own?
>They were *convinced* by superstition that they'd die if the witch
>doctor did that. They *saw* him do that. They died of fright, i.e.
>adrenaline fuckups & etc.
>Got the picture?
> David

I've got the picture, David, but no evidence. I'd like to read the
case studies Gil referred to. I am unwilling, on the surface of things,
to buy that otherwise healthy folks die of fright. So, I'm a skeptic on
the matter, despite understanding the claims.

Hence, my request for references. My bet is that none will materialize.