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> Christian Invasion
> Recently, by luck, I saw a Christian evangelists on of those
> T.V. shows. The topic for the day on the show was about
> converting Hindus, although they were more sublime about it.
> They conveyed the message in their usual cunning manner. First
> they talked of how this woman lost her husband and was
> eventually unable to earn enough money to by medicine for two of
> her sick children, who passed away. Then by some divine
> inspiration, so they would have you believe, she saw a film on
> Jesus Christ, which was conveniently funded by these converters.
> She was so inspired that her life began to turn around and get
> better. Some would immediately be impressed by the noble cause
> of these Christian converters. Columbus, also, thought his cause
> of converting the Native Americans or Red Indians and enslaving
> the Africans was justified and noble under Christianity.
> Magellan, the Spanish explorer, thought he was following the
> word of god by destroying the Maya civilization. How many more
> cultures and civilizations must be destroyed for the sake Jesus?
> If these converters really want to help others than why do they
> have to come under a religious banner. If they wanted to help
> the sick then they could set up hospitals but instead they
> preach disharmony through the words of Jesus Christ.
> I am not saying that the original teachings of Jesus Christ or
> Jesus himself was bad but his followers have misinterpreted the
> teachings so badly that they have hurt more people than they
> have helped. These Christian converters think they are so
> loving and enlightened that they find problems around the world.
> If they were truly enlightened and loving they would find peace
> where ever they went and if they do find trouble then they
> should have faith in the people to solve their problems on their
> own. How will a child ever learn to walk if the mother
> constantly carries her? By discretely invading another's land
> and silently creating disharmony lays the path for more
> devastation. No wonder Japan was so reluctant to accept outside
> help after the earthquake.
> If these Christian converters find suffering around the world
> than they should be happy that people are looking within
> themselves. For in times of suffering we are the most
> reflective and inward looking and it is after suffering that we
> can truly begin the search for truth.
> So, for these Christians to come to India and implicate to
> others that their way is the just and noble way is the worst
> form of arrogance. How rude are they in coming to another's home
> and creating disharmony. Clearly history has shown that
> Christianity has brought more death and destruction to man kind
> than any other religion.
> The true message of Jesus Christ has been lost due to the
> misinterpretations of these Christian converters that has been
> built up through the centuries. These days it is the
> misinterpretations that are being preached rather than the
> truth. Since this is the case I beg all Hindus, Bhuddhists, and
> Jews in the Indian community to fight and prevent the further
> spreading of this destructive disease. VHP, BHP, and Congress
> parties please stand strong and ward off this most cunning of
> adversaries.
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>> A rather interesting reference
>> TMTCH Guide. 1987 Edition. Page 6.
>> ISBN 0-681-40322-5
>> "Not only is it a wholly remarkable book, it is also a highly
>> successful one -- more popular than the Celestial Home care
>> Omnibus, better selling than Fifty-three More Things to DO in
>> Zero Gravity, and more controversial than Oolon Coluphids'
>> trilogy of philosophical blockbusters, Where God Went Wrong,
>> Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes and Who Is this God
>> Person Anyway?"
>> These kind of books are against Christianity. And in Lord's
>> name how could Douglas Adams, a Britisher, author it ? This
>> world is all going to the heathens and pagans.
>> Shalom in Jesus's name.
>> rahul
>> Jesus Loves me and he knows I'm right,
>> I bin talking to Jeesus all my life.
> Excuse me Rahul, but you have one hell of a nerve to be so
> blinded by your beliefs to bad mouth other religions. How dare
> you say that the world is going to the heathens and pagans...
> like that's a bad thing with people like you in this world.
> Maybe you should stop talking to "Jesus" and start opening your
> eyes to reality. Douglas Addams is an author of fiction. Can
> you say that... Fiction. If you find a book offensive don't
> read it. Just because you think that something is
> anti-Christian doesn't make it wrong. Maybe with more heathens
> and pagans (who for your information also believe in supreme
> beings, the Goddess and the God, if you didn't already know
> that) in this world there won't be so many religious wars and
> narrow minded individuals like you who think that their reality
> is the only "true path". Wake up and smell the coffee, there is
> no single truth but a collection of many truths, that's why
> there is a thing called different religions for different
> people.
> Cat
> "And it harm none, do what thou wilt"
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