"Duality"...was Re: If god exists, what created god?

Bryant (mycol1@unm.edu)
14 May 1995 15:22:38 -0600

In <3p587q$lpi@muss.CIS.McMaster.CA> u9215482@muss.cis.McMaster.CA (C.E. Bourne) writes:
>... amount of duality. Just look at our planet for that proof. There
>is light and darkness, cold and hot, male and female, good and evil,
>black and white...

To pick a nit and leave the party: You've not described "dualities."
You've arbitrarily chosen points from along a continuum of light and heat
radiation. [Hint: I'm referring to the first, second, and last examples.]

Pls. followup via email (where I'll probably ignore you) rather than
further clutter sci.anthro with this silliness.