Re: If god exists, what created god?

Jagbir Hooda (
14 May 95 16:46:13 GMT

In <3p587q$lpi@muss.CIS.McMaster.CA> u9215482@muss.cis.McMaster.CA (C.E. Bourne) writes:
>... amount of duality. Just look at our planet for that proof. There
>is light and darkness, cold and hot, male and female, good and evil,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>black and white...
also there is radiactivity and non-radiactivity, 3rd world and non-3rd world,
3-dim FISH(GOD) and 4-dim FISH(FOOD), religious loud mouth (Christianity
TV channels) and non-religious loud mouth (ME), clear & present danger (for
USA) and unclear & future danger (for non-USA), and so on...

If anyone out there understand the conceptual difference between objective
time and subjective time then this thread should have been dead long time ago.
Ask any true meditator --or do it yourself--, the concept of subjective time
is phony, there is no time; everything (including known and unknown) is a
subjective manifestation of objective time, so logically there shouldn't be
any time at all. If we, for a moment, stop our brain from wandering into
the memories (data), the phoniness of our debate will be apparent.

Even without breaking the shackles of objectivity, we can appreciate
this simple concept; just get rid of time related (tenses) and object
related (you or me, he or she, this or that etc..) part, and than try
to address any subjective belief; most of the phony stuff would crush
under its own waight, and whatever left would be enough to answer any
one of our questions for example: the question of our death, `there
is no death, as there is no time, all these non-gratifying concepts
have evolved from objective beliefs, for any individual the self-
consciousness is the supreme thing (if there is to be any god it
should be this realization, that's all, try to translate it --through
our objective language-- you'll loose it, so slippery it is) and there
is nothing else to add in, it's a unique, crystal, and timeless beauty...

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