Re: If god exists, what created god?

C.E. Bourne (u9215482@muss.cis.McMaster.CA)
14 May 1995 11:39:38 -0400

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>: >>I have a better question: Can God cease to be God? And if so can
>: >>another God ascend the throne?

This theory I like. Have you read any Piers Anthony, this idea of
another "God" or "Devil" ascending their respective thrones can be seen
in his series "Incarnations of Immortality", it's a good read and also
makes you stop and think. The ones that you would probably most be
interested in are the last two in the 7 book series, "for the love of
Evil" and "And eternity". To come up with a question like that, you may
have already read them.

>: > >: >Andy's comment:
>: >Very likely. But HE wouldn't do that!
>: >
I have a question for you. Why would you assume that "God" is a HE. I'm
not some feminist saying that you are a sexist, all I'm saying is that
you can't really put a sex on a "supreme being". Whether in actual fact
or not we were made in "his" image or "her" image, gender should be
irrelevant. >
>: He is Eternal, and in the Future Eternity, He still hasn't ceased to exist.

Who says that there is only one "god". Christianity and monotheism is a
relatively new phenomena. Polytheism reigned long before the idea of
just one god. As far as patriarchal superiority versus matriarchal rule,
this ping-ponged back and forth throughout ancient times. I don't
understand how you can acknowledge the one sex and ignore the other.
That's like acknowledging good and ignoring the evil. Everything has a
certain amount of duality. Just look at our planet for that proof. There
is light and darkness, cold and hot, male and female, good and evil,
black and white. I know that there are in betweens for all of these,
there are still the dualities to acknowledge.
>: Only we are tied to time, He created time and rules time, and is not ruled by
>: it.
>: Shalom in Jesus' Love,
>: Sam Chacko
I know that Christianity is prevalent in most of the world, but that
doesn't mean it's right, but it also doesn't mean it's entirely wrong.
Yes, faith is personal choice, but open-mindedness to other religions and
beliefs is important. This debate about "God" or "the Goddess" as some
may refer to him/her/it, may never be resolved but hey, this is only my
opinion and we won't really know the truth until we die... but then isn't
it a little late :)


"That which appears true to so many can't be absolutely wrong"
- Aristotle -

"And it harm none, do what thou wilt"