Re: Sun-Centered? (was: The Flat Earth?)

Grant Edwards (
Mon, 15 May 1995 15:48:22 GMT wrote:
: > (Grant Edwards) writes:

: >> I quite often think of the earth as flat. While navigating cities
: >> streets, the approximation is quite useful. It makes the geometry
: >> simpler to assume that streets running north and south are parallel.

: > Doesn't work either here (Canberra, Australia) or in Cambrige, UK. In
: > both cities, streets that are intuitively parallel turn out not to be (as
: > a rule in Canberra, they are 45-60 degrees out). In Cambridge, two of
: > them even meet at a right angle (by the Round Church).

: Doesn't work in Madison, either. (Madison being a US city with
: non-orthogonal streets.)

Actually, it doesn't work that well here (Minneapolis) once you get close to
the river or into one of those god-forsaken suburbs where neighborhoods only
have one road in/out and a mess of randomly meandering streets with lots of

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