Re: The Flat Earth?

William H. Jefferys (
12 May 1995 03:19:40 GMT

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Bob Ingria <ingria@BBN.COM> wrote:
#In article <3ot3qu$> (William H. Jefferys) writes:
# The only "platygaeanist" to have posted (and I think he
# coined the term) was an early troller named Bret Trolly,
# I think.
#Bret Joly (sp?), if I remember correctly.

After I posted this I recalled that he actually went by
two names. Bret Jolly (Joly?) was one, but he also went
by Boret Trolly (again, sp?) (which he embellished with
some fancy ASCII diacritical marks). It was truly
entertaining to watch him work.

As you said, there were giants on the net in those days.


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