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11 May 1995 13:15:44 -0700

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>Are humans considered sexually dimorphic in size. My subjective
>impression is that men are taller (not just more robust) than women. Is
>that generally accepted by anthropologists?
>If so, does it imply behavioral correlates (greater aggression in men)?

In _on human nature_, wilson briefly discusses human sexual dimorphism.

Dimorphism is best described with mass ratio, rather than height. Wilson
looked at the correlation between mass ratio and polygyny; gibbons occupy
one end of the spectrum, with a mass ratio very close to one and strong
monogamy, with gorillas at the other end. I don't remember the numbers, but
I would estimate that gorillas have a mass ratio of about 2, and something
like a 5 : 1 polygyny ratio.

Humans fall in-between. If I recall correctly, our position on the general
primate curve would predict a polygyny ratio of about 1.6.

This says nothing about aggression. Both gorillas and gibbons are
comparitively peaceful compared to humans and baboons.

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