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12 May 1995 03:30:55 GMT

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#+Bret Joly (sp?), if I remember correctly.
#Soemthing like that -- but he .sigged a "pronunciation" something
#like Bo^ret Trolley, which I think is what Bill was picking up on.
#He (and responses to his schtick) predominated in for
#the first several passes I made over the group, back in '87 or '88
#-- and the result was even more bizarre than our Velikovskyite
#infestations (but vastly more amusing than the current deluge of
#alt.nonsense cross-postings.)

OK, Michael, I can't stand it anymore. I went back into my
archives. Here's a small selection from Mr. Tro Ly (Jolly):

There's no need to be afraid. You round earth scientists won't lose your
jobs in the coming platygaean reformation. Round earth science will still
be needed because it provides solutions (via ad hoc methods, to be sure)
to vital practical problems. But isn't it time to admit that the theory has
dissolved into incoherent mumbo-jumbo? That the shaky round earth hypothesis
will no longer support the weight of the theories erected upon it?

Also, for the scientists who are not afraid to leave their childhood
prejudices behind them, these are exciting times. The foundations of platy-
gaean science are just now being laid. Wouldn't you like to join in?

Bret Jolly (Bo'-ret Tro Ly) Mathemagus LA Platygaean Society

Just like old times.


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