Re: The Flat Earth?

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Thu, 11 May 1995 20:11:46 -0300

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+ The only "platygaeanist" to have posted (and I think he
+ coined the term) was an early troller named Bret Trolly,
+ I think.
+Bret Joly (sp?), if I remember correctly.

Soemthing like that -- but he .sigged a "pronunciation" something
like Bo^ret Trolley, which I think is what Bill was picking up on.
He (and responses to his schtick) predominated in for
the first several passes I made over the group, back in '87 or '88
-- and the result was even more bizarre than our Velikovskyite
infestations (but vastly more amusing than the current deluge of
alt.nonsense cross-postings.)

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