Re: Sun-Centered? (was:The Flat Earth?)

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Thu, 11 May 1995 21:34:57 GMT

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R. Mounce <> wrote:

>Sometimes, I'll admit, I think of the earth as flat. There are even times
>(heaven forbid!) when my thinking is entirely consumed with the shapes of
>peaks and valleys. But what I am interested here is a related concept -
>centeredness. I have heard that some astronomers find it useful to
>discard the sun-centered model in much the same way as the earth-centered
>model became outdated. Does anyone know if this idea of centeredness is
>changing its center?

Indeed. Check out Joachim Schultz, "Rhythms and Movements of the Stars"
(Anthroposophic Press, Hudson, NY).

The patterns and movements made by the planets around the earth as
centerpoint are astounding. And you only get them with the earth. If you
take any of the other planets in the solar system the paths and loops
made by the rest of the planets around it are seemingly random and
chaotic. Only the earth makes around the particular planet the same kind
of looped configuration that the earth makes around it.

>From a practical point of view, of course, one point of real interest in
an earth centered point of view would be for navigational purposes with
spacecraft. But it is interesting that there is much to be learned about
the planetary movements, including the movements of sun and moon, that
can only be revealed when you take the earth as your fixed reference point.

Not that the geocentric model is any more or less real than the
heliocentric. Each viewpoint reveals different aspects of reality.


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