Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Lane Singer (
2 May 1995 07:54:05 GMT

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>Donald Edwards ( wrote:

>: Ah, no. It's rather reminiscent of the way Stalin treated a
>: number of people, and the Khmer Rouge as well. Less thoroughly
>: documented is that a military commander and national leader
>: by the name of Joshua offered the same warm greeting to the
>: residents of several cities in Canaan. There are, I am quite
>: certain, other instances.
>All of these arguments are true, except perhaps the Joshua one. As far
>anyone can discern, all the places he was supposed to destroy were
>already gone when the Jews arrived. The Bible has plenty of awful
>in it, but that doesn't mean it happened. While, if Joshua did
>the inhabitants of Canann, that would have been an awful thing, most
>evidence also indicates that Judaism at the time waas *not* a
>monotheistic religion. El is in fact the name of a Canannite god. The
>story of Joshua is probably a myth which developed out of political
>events contemporaneous with the period after their was an Israelite
>state. Besides, anyone remember what happened to the lost tribes of
>Israel? If biblical history is to be believed, they got pretty much
>eliminated to. . .

This isn't the first time I've seen this "Joshua" business offered
up as a foil to examination of the Holocaust. It's pretty
funny - citing fairy tales and myths. But then, anyone who would
proffer such arguments is obviously a Nazi, and therefore not
particularly in touch with reality in the first place. What's
another pack of lies to a Nazi?