Re: Propriety of demythologization

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 11 May 1995 05:57:37 GMT

In article <>, Gerold Firl ( writes:
>What do you think of william macneils thesis, put forth in _the rise of the
>west_, which holds that one of the primary causes of the global dominance
>of western culture was the willingness to learn from others and adapt
>foreign ideas to local uses? We find that many of the technologies used by
>the west in the military, industrial, and intellectual fields were invented
>in china. Certainly when we compare the west to china and islam, the latter
>two are noticibly more insular, less willing to learn from outside and
>jealously protectionist.

A habit otherwise known far and wide as the crime of Plagiarism.

Astonishing how frequently the British and the Americans rant and
rave, and send their diplomats and their military after transgressors
of their copyright, while at once feeling so free to break contracts
with us "foreigners" by failing to pay royalties due on their use of
our intellectual properties.

Government departments likewise.