Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Donald Edwards (
2 May 1995 00:34:45 -0700

Daniel Nexon ( wrote:
"Donald Edwards ( wrote:
": What I said was that Hitler would be a mostly-forgotten-about
": despot if the Jews hadn't "demonized" him. And that is all I
": said. Nothing less -- and nothing more.

" Besides, do you blame Jews for wanting to keep the memory of
"the holocaust alive?

Did I say anything which indicated this?

By the way -- somebody a while back, I forget who, defined the
term "demonize" as "to make into a demon". I don't accept this
definition. Particularly since the same person claimed that
Hitler demonized the Jews.

If Hitler made the Jews into demons, then the Jews were demons.
I believe it's safe to say that demons are by definition so
antithetical to human well-being that a shoot-on-sight policy
is justified. That is, *after* you verify that it is indeed
a demon you see.

But Hitler did *not* make the Jews into demons. He merely
presented them as demons. The fact remained that the overwhelming
majority of them (just like the overwhelming majority of people
in general) were *not* demons.

The Jews also present Hitler as a demon. They have a somewhat
easier time of it, since they don't have to make things up in
order to do so... but they still have to *present* him, not
just have him wandering around somewhere behind the curtain
of history... if the presentations stopped, then in a generation
or so the public image of Hitler would change from "demon" to
"who's he?"