Re: If god exists, what created god?

Deck Deckert (
10 May 1995 18:50:59 GMT

This interminable and pointless discussion has absolutely nothing to do
with so please take us out of your "Newgroups" and
"Followup-To" lines.


SWEN2A54 ( wrote:
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: >>I have a better question: Can God cease to be God? And if so can
: >>another God ascend the throne?
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: >Andy's comment:
: >Very likely. But HE wouldn't do that!
: >

: He is Eternal, and in the Future Eternity, He still hasn't ceased to exist.

: Only we are tied to time, He created time and rules time, and is not ruled by
: it.

: Shalom in Jesus' Love,

: Sam Chacko