Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

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Thu, 11 May 1995 16:57:56 +1000

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: Note: Though the above analogy is closer to how evolution works than is the
: standard fundamentalist bullshit originally posted, it's not strictly
: analogous: Both analogies implicitly assume you've got a final design
: from the outset. That's not the case with evolution; it's just another straw
: man thrown in by fundies whose primary source of information about
evolution is
: the ICR.

Perhaps the purposive element might be avoided if the box have Rolex
shaped holes in it's base, and before that, Rolex-part shaped holes. It's
pretty easy to see that "random" sorting can fill a lot of holes with
objects the right shape.

Douglas Adams once made a nice comment about a puddle of water that saw
how well it fit it's hole, and inferred from that the existence of a
holemaker and that the hole had been dug to suit it. Teleologies seems to
result from this sort of inverted reasoning.

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