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Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM)
Thu, 11 May 95 01:53:58 CST

In article <3oiqro$> (Phil Nicholls) writes:

> It is believed that blood groups A and B were absent from the
> aboriginal populations of North and South America. In South America
> and the southern part of North America the gene for A is found at
> a frequency of 0.05 of less while the gene for B is 0.05 or less
> throughout North and South America except for the coastal areas
> of Australia. By contrast, the frequency of the O allele in South
> America and the southern part of North America is between 0.95 and
> 1.0. There is an interesting pocket in Central West United States
> in which the frequency of A reaches 0.05-0.15 and I believe it may
> be attributed to a later movement from siberia.
> Source: Mourant, A.E. (1954) Distribution of Human Blood Groups

Australia? Phil....Australia?

Funny, it is an undeniable preoccupation you have with Gil. You were
so conscious of sending your information out there, all the way to
.....tippy-tap......sweat....type...type..."Wow! Its going to
even get to him in Australia!..Tippy-Tap....ding!

"That'll fix'm! Information wants to be free! Darn it. Free!"

Its such a shame that we don't post answers so willingly and thouroughly
to all inquiries in this group...yet. Eventually we may, of course, turn
the heat up so high that we have adequate incentive to answer everything
in order to defeat each other's "obscurantism." ;-)

-- Eric Nelson --

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