Re: gender differences

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 10 May 1995 02:36:57 GMT

In article <3ohd49$>, Bryant ( writes:
> Um, aren't you confusing TeeVee nature shows designed to keep an
>easily distracted public's interest with the science of biology? I've
>never heard an ethologist or sociobiologist refer to a female duck as a
>"single mother." Mallards are notorious rapists, after all. "Single
>mother" describes most mamma ducks, and is therefore redundant. Biologists
>prefer to be parsimonious. ;-)

No confusion whatsoever, Bryant. Except that at times it IS difficult
to discern an advertised biological science documentary scripted in
the language of anthropology from Sesame Street and Play School.

The former being broadcast at 7:30 pm instead of 3:00-4:30 pm is an
insufficient criterion for establishing it as scientific.