Re: The Flat Earth?

William H. Jefferys (
11 May 1995 13:35:26 GMT

In article <3ori0u$>,
Roger M. Wilcox <> wrote:
#(Seriously, there was one platygaeanist [flat-Earther] I read the ramblings of
#some years back who claimed that the Earth was flat but SPACE in the vicinity
#of Earth was so severely curved that it made the Earth appear spherical,
#so that going around the world was actually an act of circumnavigating the
#universe! I think he got slashed on Occam's Razor pretty badly....)

The only "platygaeanist" to have posted (and I think he
coined the term) was an early troller named Bret Trolly,
I think. He was a mathematician and made very sophisticated
arguments like this one. But he was obviously pulling
everyone's leg. As a troller, he was head and shoulders
above any of the current crop. He kept this joke running
for years. (He did this before the term 'trolling' had
even been invented. A true pioneer.)


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