Re: If god exists, what created god?

Holger Schauer (
10 May 1995 13:13:35 GMT

In article <3on6au$>, (Marko Ronkainen) writes:
|> Rich Child ( wrote:

|> Not to mention that being able to do anything and at the same time
|> *not* being able to lift a rock would be a logical paradox.

Though that does not mean that God couldn't to a logical paradox since
He can do anything (if you do believe that).

|> : If I may add something for anyone who may not believe...God exists, whether
|> : you believe or not that doesn't change anything. He isn't depending on
|> : your vote whether He exists or not. Just beleive and have done with it.
|> Or the other way round: God doesn't exit whether you believe him to
|> exist or not. Just live your life as you like and let others do the
|> same.
|> The only way it matters, is if you believe he exists, then he does,
|> to you.

And similar the other way around: it may matter to you although you
don't believe in Him since you don't have a proof that He does not
exists. (It may matter to you because He might drop a stone on your head
if He likes :).
The existence of God is not something really worth discussing with logical
arguments for it is a matter of (religious) belief, unless somebody finds
a proof as in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy :-) Anybody seen a
babble-fish 'round here ???
(Wait: isn't that another bible ... :-)

Just my 2c,

-- Holger

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