Re: Incest taboos

Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 09 May 1995 01:57:49 GMT

In article <>, Joseph Askew ( writes:
>I would say that the fate of the Hawaiians is living proof of
>either the non-existance or uselessness of psychic powers or
>realities if you must. In fact I think arguing from the fate
>of nearly all Stone age peoples, if they have psychic powers
>they don't seem to be doing them much good at all.

Well, Joseph, let me point out to you that these "psychic powers" are
no better protection against the sword than any other forms inherent
in human communication.

Perhaps you would have us believe that Emperor Hirohito's divinity
having somehow failed to protect Hiroshima and Nagasaki from being
nuked into oblivion therefore made him less divine, yes?

Many Japanese would have disagreed with you thoroughly, while indeed
the Americans just went ahead imposing their own ideas through force
of arms anyway.

I do not argue here on the right or wrong of the events, merely the
process. That the Allies had directed such an overwhelming military
might against the metaphysical in its own domain, substantiates our
observation of their own peculiar obsessions having built up to fever
pitch. It was they the intruders, as I recall.

The whole sorry business might have proceeded far less destructively,
if you get my drift, were all parties to have kept their feet on the
ground from the outset.

But you are a warrior of neither ilk, isn't that so? Are you not an
anthropologist, charged with taking the whole quite impartially into
your account?

>PS I can tell my smug self satisfied tone is going to cause
>some slightly nasty E-Mail. Am I psychic yet?

Indeed! Damned poor show. Extremely poor quality research . . .

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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