Re: If god exists, what created god?

Rahul Anand Narain (
9 May 1995 03:30:29 GMT (Mathew D. Hendry) wrote:
> Jagbir Hooda ( wrote:
> : God is a three-dimensional(3-d) FISH who lives in two-dimensional(2-d)
> : liquid/water.
> Excuse me for butting in, but what the hell are you on about?

> ?
> --Mat.
A rather interesting reference
TMTCH Guide. 1987 Edition. Page 6.
ISBN 0-681-40322-5

"Not only is it a wholly remarkable book, it is also a highly
successful one -- more popular than the Celestial Home care
Omnibus, better selling than Fifty-three More Things to DO in Zero
Gravity, and more controversial than Oolon Coluphids' trilogy of
philosophical blockbusters, Where God Went Wrong, Some More of
God's Greatest Mistakes and Who Is this God Person Anyway?"

These kind of books are against Christianity. And in Lord's name
how could Douglas Adams, a Britisher, author it ? This world
is all going to the heathens and pagans.

Shalom in Jesus's name.
Jesus Loves me and he knows I'm right,
I bin talking to Jeesus all my life.