AC&C - Workshop on Agents, Communication, and Cooperation - Italy June 18-24

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A C & C


Agents, Communication, & Cooperation

Interdisciplinary Workshop * June 18 - 24, 1995

San Marco di Castellabate (SA), Italy


The notion of agents in system theory * Observation and measurement
Communication of agents * Competition and cooperation
Multi-agent systems * Evolution in agent systems * Emergence


System theory * Robotics * Artificial life * Biology * Linguistics
Economics * Sociology * Cultural anthropology

Workshop Committee:

Joerg Becker, Muenchen Nadia Bianchi, Milano
Harald Gerlach, Muenchen Annarosa Guerriero, Napoli

Further info & application (see also form below):

Dr. Joerg D. Becker
Fax +49-89-6004-3877 * e-mail
Phone +49-89-6004-4036 * +49-8151-89421

Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen * ICAS Starnberg * March 1995


this is to invite you cordially to our interdisciplinary workshop. The
language of agents, even if not new in principle, is of growing interest
because it facilitates a quantitative investigation of many phenomena
which so far have been addressed only qualitatively. The range of
applications is vast, from ontology via self-organization via image
analysis via robotics via biology via management to cultural anthropology.
We think that this is a meeting point for people coming from many different
fields. Thus we should like to encourage you to come, also because there
will be enough time to present your contribution and to discuss the issue
in depth.

San Marco di Castellabate is a small place on the Cilento coast, some 70 km
South of Salerno. In this part of Italy there are the famous Greek temples
of Paestum and the ancient city of Elea, one of the places where Greek
philosophy originated. We shall stay in a simple, but pleasant house
directly on the Mediterranean Sea. 2-3 rooms (single or double) share a
bathroom and a kitchen. Accomodation, half-board, and the conference dinner
are included in the fee! The number of participants will be limited (no

The conference fee is DM 400.- (DM 350.- for accompanying persons). It
should be payed by cheque or by bank transfer to the account Dr. J. Becker,
Starnberg, 2250 22-803, PGiroA Mchn, BLZ 700 100 80. In Italy you may find
it convenient to transfer the amount of LIT 450000 (LIT 400000 for
accompanying persons) to N. Bianchi, Banca Commerciale Italiana, Milano
Turro, Ag. 13, Cod. Banca 2002, CAB 01613, Cod. cliente 7678900145. (No
refund after May 5.) Please, send your application and an abstract of
your planned contribution.

Looking forward to seeing you at San Marco,

Joerg D. Becker

Application form:

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My address is:

Dr. Joerg D. Becker ____________________________________
ET / Physik
Universitaet der Bundeswehr ____________________________________
D - 85577 Neubiberg
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also per FAX: +49 - 89 - 6004 - 3877;

Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen * ICAS Starnberg

A C & C - Agents, Communication, & Cooperation

Workshop June 18 - 24, 1995

at San Marco di Castellabate, Povincia di Salerno (Italy)


O With great pleasure I shall participate in the workshop.

O I should like to present a paper with the following (preliminary) title:


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