Re: Replacing babies (was Re: PROPOSAL: Alt.terriorism.american)
Mon, 8 May 95 17:14:12 +500

What's this about replacing babies or mates etc., and compromising with
the bombers?

Why compromise with bombers. The government has developed more effective
techniques for dealing with the bombers than we realize and clinton wants to
make some of them official policy, but won't go far enough.

These angry white males (henceforth referred to as militia) have gone
beyond anything that provoked the governemnts response tp the "Black Panther
Problem", so more extreme methods are needed.

To start, implement techniques used against BPP against militia.
Infiltrate, Plant evidence, Turn militia members against eachother,
organize death squads of local police to reduce militia...

hell, why not go even further, as the government was prepared to do
against the Black Power movement (King Alfred, Riot act, and FEMA
concentration camps). Find out which race of people is producing these
dangerous terrorist angry white males.... and exterminate all of them.
Then we won't have to worry about new militias springing up in 20 or
30 years.