Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Peter Ceresole (
9 May 1995 18:52:33 +0100

In article <3olrq8$>, (DANIEL C. VOELS) wrote:

>If you take a Rolex apart piece by piece, then put all the pieces into
>a box and shake it up... (sure, you can try this at home) and shake and
>shake and shake... it will never, ever randomly "fall into place" to once
>again be a watch. Would you not agree? And you guys _really_ believe
>that something as sophisticated as a human being could have just "sprung"
>up out of some primordial soup with no intervention from something?

Daniel, nobody believes that at all. There was extensive intervention at
all times from mutation and natural selection. The combination is a
powerful, extremely directional mechanism, which points at the most
successful outcome in the circumstances. There is nothing random about it,
in the way you describe.

I think you have just shown that you understand nothing at all about
evolution. Maybe you should read something about it. "The Blind Watchmaker"
would be the one for you.