Re: anthro grad schools

De Vega, Sean D. (
9 May 1995 12:07 CDT

In article <3olnff$5rf@sphinx.Gsu.EDU>, antsssx@gsusgi2.Gsu.EDU (Stan Smith) writes...
>Any anthropology graduate programs (cultural, physical, or medical) in
>Stan Smith

The Rijksuniversiteit Leiden has an excellent graduate program in anthropology.
My French teacher held a PhD from there in both French and Anthropology.
Nice campus, in the midst of a whole lot of stuff to do. Amsterdam is an
hour by train, Rotterdam an hour, The Hague only 35 minutes (an hour by bus).
Leiden is a great little town. I lived in the Hague for 2 years, and we'd
always end up in Leiden on Friday nights... ;)

Groetjes uit Texas,
Sean de Vega