Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Dan Drake (
9 May 1995 17:04:01 GMT

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VOELS) writes:
>If you take a Rolex apart piece by piece, then put all the pieces into
>a box and shake it up... (sure, you can try this at home) and shake and
>shake and shake... it will never, ever randomly "fall into place" to once
>again be a watch. Would you not agree? And you guys _really_ believe
>that something as sophisticated as a human being could have just "sprung"
>up out of some primordial soup with no intervention from something?

Believe it or not, the evolutionists have heard of this argument and
considered it. It would be strange if they hadn't, since it dates from the
18th century, a couple of generations before Darwin.

Of course, nobody in the known universe thinks that human beings just
"sprang" from the primordial soup. Only people who are remarkably unaware of
their own profound ignorance even think that other people think it.

I agree, though, that not much purpose is served by arguing with people who
refuse to know what they're talking about. I think Jesus Christ said
something to the same effect.

Dan Drake