Re: If god exists, what created god?

Venkatesha Murthy (
9 May 1995 01:03:12 GMT

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Paul Schlyter <> wrote:

>Are you aware of that your two statements:
> "God is eternal"
> "Everything we know about is not eternal"
>implies that you don't know about God ..... did you think about that?

The second statement talks about 'everything we know through our sense organs'.
God is something to be realized and experienced and something that the sense
organs could tell you from external stimuli.

So the implication is 'God cannot be known by means of sense organs'.
>Also, you don't really know whether "God" really is eternal or not.
>All you know is that there are some old books that claim this - nothing more.
>You can of course choose to believe in this -- but then you only believe
>God is eternal - you don't know it.
How do you know that 'earth is not flat' ? Just because you read somewhere ?
Very few have seen earth from a distance to be able to see the shape of
earth. Yet, we all believe this. One reason is this belief will answer
many phenomena observed. This is called 'proof by inference'. Similarly
until we realize god ourselves, we have to have some faith in the words of
those who have experienced it, or claim to have experienced. Ofcourse
there should not be any compulsion on others to believe!


- Venkatesh