Re: Ethnography question...

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 08 May 1995 04:57:23 GMT

In article <>, "Andrew F. House" ( writes:
> I am a student at CSU Chico and am exploring methods to examine
>culture- or more specifically sub-cultures in modern society. My
>question is this: Are there specific questions asked by anthropologists
>when observing a culture? If you have any advice or helpful information
>please drop me an E-Mail...

Well, no Andrew. Mostly what we end up doing is just stand there like
stuck dummies to watch, in the hope that the village elders aren't
going to come out and chop us up with their machetes.

Hearing the resounding cry of welcome, "Shit! Not another fucking
stupid anthropologist! What sort of fucking bullshit are you people
wanting to write about us this time!", on the other hand, is your
entre . . .

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