Re: Star Trek fans, what do you think?

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 08 May 1995 03:47:05 GMT

In article <>, "Andrew F. House" ( writes:
> I am writing a term paper on the entertainment 'sub-culture' of
>Star Trek- focusing on the fans. I have posted various messages in the
>Star Trek 'fan areas' and have recieved many responses. However, it was
>pointed out to me that I should also research what other people think
>about Trekers- people who are not fans. This term paper is an
>anthropological report and it will examine the Trek culture from an
>anthropological standpoint. I would appreciate your thoughts regarding
>the 'fandom of Trek'. Thanks in advance!

"Trekkers" is nothing more than another of these American hyped-up
neologisms for Couch Potato. "Fandom of Trek" is nothing more than
the usual hypnotic stare of square eyes sitting on top of a lump of
lard nestled permanently into the settee.

You want to do a term paper on people sitting there endlessly glued to
the TV? God help us all, THE PITS!

Where is anthropology headed? Are there no fertility cults to attract
our attention, no circumcision ceremonies, no exotic sexual fantasy,
no "zoosexuality", no wars, no drama in high political circles, no
industrial strikes, no slum riots, no fun, no interest, no challenge
to the status quo!

No opportunity to stick it up the "ruling elites" with scientific fact
proving that "all is not so!"

You want to do an ethnography on American couch potatoes? One thing,
with only one sentence to write you are certainly not going to be
accused of wasting paper. That's a fact!

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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