Re: Best American Composer.

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8 May 1995 05:28:34 GMT

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> says...
>>Berlin? Who lived to be about 100 (I'm dreaming of a White
>.Possibly, but what about George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Richard
>Loenard Bernstein (West Side Story).
>Then there's Hoagy Carmichael, Henry Mancini, Jules Stein, Meredith
>(Music Man), And on and on and on.
>Unfortunately all are now dead or retired so what we get is John Cage
>without the talent - only the cacophany,
And what made them the best, along with the many that weren't named in
this post, was the person who enterpreted and produced/performed the

Do you know, on the light side of an important issue, there are
performers who absolutely ruined every song they sang and/or played.
Nat King Cole ruined 'em for me every time. When I'd try to sing his
songs to my wife, she'd coo, "Baby, just let the man do the singin'."