Re: We anthropological "obscurantists"

Phil Nicholls (
7 May 1995 16:13:14 GMT

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Gil Hardwick <> wrote:


>I cannot speak for other anthropologists. My position as previously
>stated is that aspects of human biology and physiology are already
>well covered in biology and medicine. Other aspects of the human
>condition are covered by agriculture, architecture, and so on and so
>forth. You name it.

Some aspects of human biology, physiology and evolution are indeed
covered by medical and biological research. However, there are some
areas that these disciplines do not cover. How does culture affect
biology and, of course, how does biology affect culture. I also
find that doctors and physilogists are more interested in the
mechanics of the human body and less interested in its evolution.
Why are human blood groups distributed like they are? How did
humans come to be bipedal?

In my opinion, these are anthropological questions. The present
is structured by the past, after all.

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