Re: If god exists, what created god?

M.Escribano-Del-Moral (
Tue, 09 May 95 10:54:54 GMT

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950508153034.13259B-100000@soleil> "Amita Toprani (UND)" <> writes:
>Doesn't anyone think its weird that religion in many different places
>have many key things in common? For example, in both Christian and Hindu
>beliefs, God created floods to overwhelm the earth. Though the actual
>stories are very different, the idea is the same. Isn't it logical to
>think of religion as a creation of man? Just like language, when a people
>that spoke the same language are split apart, their languages evolve
>over time eventually becoming two (or more) separate languages with a few
>basic things in common. The same could be true of religion.

Well, we could see it since the opposite point of view, why not?:

In every culture, men and women have a nose, legs and arms.... so... are
those a creation of man?

We tend to think that our mind structure and the way we think has nothing
to see with nature outside, but if the same lows that made the planets,
the vulcanos and the rest of animals, made us (so that the whole Universe
is reflected in us), why cannot be our thought processes as well a
natural dynamic under the same lows? So, does "a creation of man" mean
unnatural? Perhaps not, perhaps what we "create", just because it's ruled
as any other thing in nature, is just a reflection of something which
exists, so... perhaps God exists...