Re: help! major/minor in anth

'mookie' J. Epler (
8 May 1995 02:55:43 GMT

In article <3og305$n60@cmcl2.NYU.EDU>, Miho Kurata <> wrote:
>I'm a Communications undergrad at NYU. I have an interest in
>anthropology and thinking about double-majoring or minoring in it. (My
>strong interests are CULTURAL anth and LINGUISTICx anth.)
>But I'm wondering what I can do with anth BA, or if I go on to masters
>study, MA in anth field.... other than becoming a teacher/professor or
>work at a museum.

Well, there's always investment banking and computer programming. I know
of a couple anthro BAs who have done those things.

>If you have any idea... Please write me back.

No. If you're too lazy to read this group, too bad. =)


Chris Mealy
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