Re: primates and sex

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 06 May 1995 09:45:16 GMT

In article <3ob2po$>, [Stephanie Fishkin ( writes:
>Who is doing work in the area of primate sexuality? I'm
>not so concerned with who mates with whom, but more along
>the lines of are some primates more susceptible to STDs than
>others (and why)? How long are primates fertile and how
>long do they live after their fertile years? Any leads
>would be appreciated!

Stephanie, this here is sci.anthropology, where we sit around perving
only at humans wanting to fuck. The males have much bigger dicks and
the females manage a more resonant panting moan when it's up 'em than
the monkeys do, so we get more of a buzz watching them instead.

The sci.biology newsgroup you seek is over thataway somewhere . . .

Bye now!

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