A disappointed anthropology student

M.Escribano-Del-Moral (me3@ukc.ac.uk)
Sat, 06 May 95 13:08:36 GMT

I'm a Spanish Erasmus student in the U.K.C., studying
anthropology. I thought that anthropology, as a science that studies
humankind, was over the particularisms and so on of the social system of
our Modern Western Culture. I thought anthropology was able enough to
objectivate them, to see them as a relativist thing more in this
multicultural world. Now I see that the situation is not like that. I
realize more than ever that anthropology is part or the Modern Western
Society dynamics, and thus, it cannot be withdrawn from it; I see that
anthropology is at the present under the rules of such society, as any
other aspect. I see that if you really want to understand humankind, the
whole world, the true history of men since a very open point of view, you
cannot, you'll find a lot of obstacles, since the restricted point of
view of your teacher to the fact that new fields of study are not very
well accepted, to the fact that our own society avoids certain points to
be touched, with the help of anthropology teachers.
I see that anthropology is more short-sighted than what anthropologists
think, at least in the U.K..
I see that anthropology is unable to study itself, unable.
It is unable to look at itself, how will it then look at the rest
of the world???

I am really disappointed.

Maria Escribano

(PD.: I apologize for spell errors)