Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Robert Roosen (
Sat, 6 May 1995 21:45:45 GMT

Kai Henningsen ( wrote:
: Not quite. If God exists _and_causes_no_observable_phenomena_, then
: science can't tell us about that. If he _did_ cause such phenomena,
: science _could_ tell us about it.

: The interesting part is that religions often _do_ claim that he causes
: observable phenomena ...

: Kai

Not just religions. Also scientists working in cultures other
than the "Western" one. One of the points brought out in this thread is
that the "big bang" cosmology is based on a very limited set of
observations--i e physical astronomy.
Explaining the universe with the "big bang" cosmology is about as
satisfying and as accurate as explaining the origin of milk as "something
that comes from the grocery store" and arguing about whether it comes in
bottles or cartons.