A: Was: "Evidence for Big Bang Theory," Now it is?

Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM)
Fri, 5 May 95 11:52:02 CST

In article <7334@rook.ukc.ac.uk> me3@ukc.ac.uk (M.Escribano-Del-Moral) writes:
> Really? Is that true? It's not so easy for me to believe that Nature
> has no consciousness or intent. In any case, How do you know? Did Nature told
> you that? Can you prove the opposite? -well, scientist always deny what they
> cannot explain. When I read about Nature and natural forces, even those you
> can deduce when you study social forces, It always seems to me that there
> is a direction (although I actually wonder which one at the very end!).
> Perhaps it is because we look for it? Why do we look for it then? We are
> also nature, don't forget it. Our thoughts, our actions, our
> interrelactions, all of that is inside the Universe as any planet or any
> other thing, we are as well governed by the same forces, and our nature
> is the same nature. So, consciousness or intent in Nature, is really a
> projection from us? Or is it a phenomenon our nature recognises because
> we are part of if? Who can prove that God is not considering this last
> statement? Is just a dilemma for me at the moment.
> Maria Escribano

This is an interesting point which actually applies to anthropology.

I propose that we change the topic line and continue it as a discussion
unrelated to the big bang topic line.

-- Eric Nelson --
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