Briggs Young (
4 May 1995 08:36:11 GMT


I would like to invite you to participate in an Internet survey. The
purpose of this survey is to catalog some of the habits and attitudes
of our community on various subjects that are directly related to the
Internet. To participate in the survey you need to have a valid Internet
address and and the ability to run a Web browser on your computer, or
access to a computer that has a Web browser.

Your browser must be capable of using "forms". these include lynx,
Mosaic, Netscape, and a few others.

All of the data (EXCLUDING PERSONAL DATA), and my analysis of the data
will be available on the Web when the survey is completed. The survey
will end when I have received 1,000,000 responses or June 15 whichever
comes first. Because I would prefer to get 1,000,000 responses please
pass this information on to your friends and colleagues.


Thanks a million <g>
Briggs Young