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19 Apr 1995 01:29:29 GMT

Iain Walker ( wrote:
: Julie Ann Boas ( wrote:
: : On 1 Apr 1995, James Fidlon wrote:

: : > For a while I considered pursuing a degree in ethnomusicology. Of the
: : > schools I looked into, I'm pretty convinced that the University of
: : > Washington has one of the strongest programs. But it really depends on
: : > which specific cultures you are interested in studying, and which school
: : > has the faculty to support your interests. Good luck!
: : >
€%€%€€: : >
: : My brother is currently working on his mmasters in ethnomusicology at the
: : University of Texas. He considered going there or to Seattle and thought
: : that both were good.

: A friend of mine was also at Austin. A school with a good reputation.

We're having a mini-conference on ethnomusicology at NYU end of April
... the speakers are Tony Seeger, Office of Folklife Program, Smithsonian
Institute; Steve Feld, Center for Intercultural Studies in Folklore and
Ethnomusicology, University of Texas at Austin; and Ingrid Monson, Dept.
of Music, University of Chicago. Why don't you ring these people up and
ask their opinion.

Kirsten Wehner
Dept of Anthropology