Re: Time, bangs and quantum physics [was Re: Evidence for Big Bang]

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29 Apr 1995 03:26:03 GMT

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Mark Picton <> wrote:
>Ken Smith <> wrote:
>> >Surely your argument can only refer to the creation of THIS universe
>> >we happen to be experiencing at the moment.
>> If you are refering to the inflationary model of the universe then the
>> evidence that this section is a section of an inflationary universe is
>> evidence that there is an inflationary universe.
>By 'inflationary' do you mean the 'inflation' that was supposed to
>have happened between 10-35 and 10-32 seconds after it all started?
Yes that is what I am refering to.

>If so then couldn't other universes have been created at the same
Yes many "universes" could have been created. All this means is that
there is a non-zero number of "inflationary" universes. This would be
supported, I believe, in the current model.

>I suppose this is an old question but is time really a dimension?
It may be that the reason that time is special has to do with the fact
that we are being dragged towards the "big crunch" . If you went inside
the event horizon of a black whole things would be different. Inside a
black whole (simple ones) you have no choice but to smack into the
singularity, but you are free to move back and forth in time. If we
currently are inside a black hole we are being dragged towards the
singularity in the future.

>[You can't measure the future!]
"What good is memory if you cant remember the future?" There is still a
little debate on the arrow of time issue. We know it exists; its just
hard to explain exactly why.
>If quantum things can just happen (I'm comfortable with this) then why
> haven't we
>seen universes spontaneously popping up during the history of our
>own universe.
The odds of something like a universe popping up would be very-very low.
If we wait around long enough it may happen but dont bet on it any time soon.

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