African juju & voodoo ?!

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06 May 1995 17:50:27 GMT

Date: 04.05.1995
From: Djembe Magazine
To: multiple recipients
Subject: Juju and voodoo questions

Djembe magazine is about to publish it's 13th issue, and in this issue, the
editorial staff has decided to take a closer look at the African €juju€ - or
however you like to term it - spiritualism and supernatural powers.

We are going to make a €believe it or not€ page with all the most incredible
stories that we've heard involving spiritualism, witchcraft and juju in
Please, if you have any experience you would like to share with our readers,
let us know!

Do you know of anyone in Northern Europe practizing African herbal medicine,
juju, witchcraft or voodoo?

Is there any difference between the expressions €juju€ and €voodoo€?

Do you have any information about a West African juju society - or any
references to where we could learn more about these societies which are
mainly centered around Dahomey?

If you have ANY other information for us about this subject, please, e-mail
it to us. We will be delighted to hear from you!

Yours sincerely,

Mik Aidt
journalist & editor

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