Re: Replacing babies (was Re: PROPOSAL: Alt.terriorism.american)

Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM)
Thu, 4 May 95 10:04:38 CST

In article <> (Michael Bauser) writes:
> Note: I'm adding sci.anthropology to the "Newsgroups" header, because
> all of a sudden, we're talking about sociobiology. Sociobiology AND
> politics. Wonderful combination, isn't it?
> (For those of you in sci.anthro, people are arguing about terrorism
> and militias over in alt.config . Mike Chapman is a militia member who
> apparently thinks the U.S. government was "asking for it" and all that,
> is upset that other posters are blaming the militias (seriously, half
> this fight is over a SIG QUOTE) for the bombing in Oklahoma City, and
> is now reaching new levels of rhetorical silliness. And he's probably
> going to accuse me of character assassination for saying all that.)

I'm cross-posting back to you, because I am
discussing anthopology and anthropology. Interesting combination, isn't it?

What makes certain people believe that every thread in usenet which deals
with social darwinism and other over-thrown, completely discredited,
completely falacious * crap * should be cross-posted to sci.anthropology?

Just because it was anthropology that supplied the vast majority of the
information that discredited so many of these heirarchical, linear
models of existence, does this mean that we must always be sent the posts
which contain fresh argument about it?

Michael, you are only attempting to involve us on your behalf. We are
already well aware that there are continuous arguments about this. You
really only are asking that we join in on this thrash fest. We decline.
No serious anthropologist will waste his time. (Me? I'm only a serious
beginner.) The material refuting your opponents is already published. If
you can't utilize the material effectively, well then that is a shame.
But don't cross post the drivel here, please.

Please respond only in e-mail, and please remove all cross-posts to
sci.anthropology from your posts in the group of origin.

Thanks, Michael.

-- Eric Nelson --
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: