Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM)
Thu, 4 May 95 09:19:13 CST

In article <> (Gil Hardwick) writes:

> How silly can you get?

I propose that this thread/topic/subject, "Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"
should take place without crosspost to sci.anthropology. While it has
occasionally been interesting, anyone who is reading every line of the
thread could simply subscribe to sci.astro.....(or even!).

The applicability of the thread is minimal, and the sci.anthropology group
is currently suffering from too many distant discussions in the absence of
any discussions concerning the core of anthropology. Could it be that so
many serious anthropologists flee this group due to the diffusion? After
all, anthropology _could_ almost apply to anything, and so the newsgroup
probably has a tendency to pick up on cross posts which are essentially

So, I ask anyone who understands how newgroups can suffer from
too many off-topic posts, please do not continue to cross-post this
discussion to sci.anthopology. I am sure that responses to Gil Hardwick
could all be e-mailed :-)

NOTE: To those who do not understand how cross-posting can decrease the
utility of a specific newsgroup I make no plea. You will do as you would,
regardless, and jolly that!

-- Eric Nelson --
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: